The Ranch

5M Ranch has all the quality amenities needed to train and care for top performance horses. With two arenas, eurocisers., ample turnouts, and an equine vet office on-site, our facility is every horse owner’s and trainer’s dream. Our property is gated and nestled at the end of a cul-de-sac. We have a 24/7 camera surveillance system that live-feeds video from all over the property to multiple TVs in the main barn to ensure we have eyes on our horses at all times. Our Director of Ranch Operations and Head Trainer also live on-site. The gorgeous main barn boasts 22 stalls, automatic waterers, fly abatement, client lounge, tack room, and grooming stalls. With Dr. Jennifer Clarke DVM’s office on-site. Our outdoor arena is 300’ x 345’ and has a ranch trail course set up for practice. Our large covered arena is 127’ x 233’ with lights, announcers stand, and bleachers. The property has a second barn with 28 12×12 stalls and a newly remodeled tack room/lounge. 5M Ranch has 12 grass pastures, 5 dry-lot turnouts, 14 washracks, and 2 eurocisers. 5M Ranch is a private western training facility for Carolyn Rice Quarter Horses. To learn more about training, and coaching services with Carolyn Rice, please visit our Training page.

Facility Amenities

  • Fly Abatement 
  • Cameras with 24/7 live-feeds
  • Main Barn 22 Stalls 12 x 12
  • Second Barn 28 Stalls 12 x 12
  • Automatic Waterers
  • Client Lounge
  • Tack Room
  • Grooming Stalls
  • 14 Washracks
  • 2 Eurocisers
  • Outdoor Arena 300’ x 345’
  • Covered Arena 127’ x 233’ with Lights, Announcer
  • Stand & Bleachers
  • 12 Grass Pastures
  • 5 Dry-lot Turnouts

Get in touch

Carolyn Rice

(425) 876-7423

5M Ranch

(949) 438-8551

Dr. Jennifer Clarke DVM