Equine Saltwater Cold Spa

The spa uses saltwater (epsom salts and water) chilled to approximately 38 degrees Fahrenheit to cool the horse’s legs, and air jets provide gentle pressure and massage. It is great for reducing swelling and inflammation which is crucial in acute injuries and after strenuous work. The saltwater has an osmositic effect on wounds, helping them dry out and heal faster.

The Saltwater Spa is an important adjunctive therapy offered at 5M Equine Performance Center. The circulating saltwater cools the legs significantly better than traditional methods, while air jets provide a gentle massage. The natural drawing property of saltwater is invaluable in treating issues like tendon injuries and leg wounds

Benefits of Cold Saltwater Spa Therapy

  • Temperature: Saltwater, chilled at around 38 degrees, will remove heat and inflammation, while providing analgesic pain reduction.
  • Salt Concentration: Saltwater is naturally antimicrobial and acts as an osmotic (drawing) agent. Both of these properties make it excellent for the treatment of wounds. The salt solution in our equine cold saltwater spa acts as a poultice with heat reduction and natural healing.
  • Massaging and Gentle Compression: The jets create turbulence in the water, which combined with the hydrostatic pressure of the water provides gentle pressure and massage to the lower limbs.
  • Depth: Water depth is adjustable depending on the position and severity of the injury.

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