Equine Water Treadmill

Benefits of Equine Water Treadmill Exercise

  • Topline Development: Water creates resistance and horses extend their head and neck as they walk through it, using the muscles over their topline. 
  • Core Strength: Exercise on a water treadmill has been shown to increase core strength in horses
  • Symmetrical Muscle Development: Horses move more symmetrically when walking on a water treadmill. Symmetrical muscle development is important for preventing musculoskeletal injuries.
  • Cardiovascular: The water level and incline can be adjusted to increase difficulty, so the horse develops cardiovascular fitness without concussion to their legs. 
  • Range of Motion: Horses move through a greater range of motion when walking through water, which is important for developing fitness and flexibility. 
  • Buoyancy: The horse‚Äôs weight is reduced by 10% when the water is at the level of the elbow.

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